Jon 1st Map

My friend Jon wanted to contribute to the project so he went into Fortnite Creative mode (a glorified kit-bashing program) and gray-boxed a level for Krants

This exercise didn't only lead to a nice map ready to be imported into the game, but also many ideas which sprung from conversations surrounding the map and the silly props found in the Fortnite files 2024 Feb 22-20240222082130980.webp

The features added to the list because of this map include:

Adding Pipes

It took me ~3 attempts to get the system working, and its still not done
The first 2 attempts were soiled due to my overuse of AI tools such as ChatGPT and Github Copilot
After those unsuccessful attempts I looked for an open source solution, but the only thing I could find that was remotely close was an open source rail grinding project i found on Youtube
But I really wasn't happy with it, since it was quote buggy with my ⌨️PC Player movement implementation and it wasn't the original Jon Vision™️

So I sat down one morning committed to getting the pipe system done once and for all
An within an hour, and next to no AI help I got the base system working pretty well