Progress Report 6


Work on Boomerang


Re-Working the Animator

I originally made my Animator super basic because we are using a traditional, frame-based animation system, since the game is stylized around Claymation. At the time I didn't really consider how the animation state would change, just wanted to get an idle and walk animation working for prototyping.

Since I now have some animations to work with from my animator Noah, I wanted to implement a revitalized animation system that will work for the rest of this project (and possibly be re-usable for future projects🥺)

Here is the layout of how I plan to structure the new animator:
Pasted image 20231218080219.png|688

The key points are as follows:

Added Animation System

The system uses an empty animator to play and make the animations Pasted image 20240102212746.png
The animation names are defined in the player controller and called automatically Pasted image 20240102212921.png
Overrides are called as a function, passing the animation name Pasted image 20240102213030.png
Here's how it looks in action
![Unity_DdGn8cl2wQ.gif 697](/img/user/Unity_DdGn8cl2wQ.gif)