♻️Gameplay Loop

### 🕹 Players - 1-3 🖐️VR Players (Giants) - 1-5 ⌨️PC Players (Ants) *🖐️VR Player hands are as big as ⌨️PC Player body* *Intended to have more ⌨️PC Players than 🖐️VR Players*

☠️Player Mortality

### 🪞Appearance - 🖐️VR Players are body-less giants - Only have head and two hands - Their hands are around the same size as the ⌨️PC Players body - ![Unity_4RHft14cjj.gif|130](/img/user/%F0%9F%99%8FProjects/%F0%9F%96%90%EF%B8%8FKrants/Unity_4RHft14cjj.gif)

🦵Movement & Control

  • Right controller joystick to move
  • Left controller joystick to look around
    • 🖐️VR Player can change between smooth rotation and snap rotation
      • Snap rotation by default
      • Also can pick the smooth rotation speed/snap rotation angle
  • Has 2 hands which can be used to pickup and manipulate objects

💀🖐️VR Player Mortality

  • There are 3 stages of damage for the 🖐️VR Players, all being triggered by a cannon ball hitting the 🖐️VR Players head.
  • The 🖐️VR Players can go back in damage stage by reattaching their fallen off hand (by bringing their stump (Raw XR Controller Position) to their detached hand), but lose once they reach stage 3 (head explosion🤯)
    • Stage 1
      • One random hand falls off
    • Stage 2
      • The other hand falls off
    • Stage 3
### 🪞Appearance - ⌨️PC Players are 6-legged ants - Each ant leg uses inverse kinematics to move and naturally step onto its terrain - The legs are in opposing groups to appear natural - Body is approximately the size of a 🖐️VR Players hand

🦵Movement & Control

  • WASD keys to move around
  • Mouse movement to look around
    • Locking mouse to move camera can be set by player to left, middle, or right click
      • Right click by default
  • Grabbing nearby objects
    • Pickup nearby objects and move them around/interact with them
      • Objects must have rigidbodies to be interactable
    • Left, middle, or right click can be assigned by the player to do this action
      • Left click by default

💀⌨️PC Player Mortality

  • ⌨️PC Players can respawn and only lose when every ⌨️PC Player is dead
    • Can have up to 3 extra lives saved up
      • Configurable in the pregame lobby
    • Lives are gained by eating cheese
      • Cheese is gained by placing 3 small rocks found around the map on plates
        • Between 2-5 plates are scattered around the map
      • Cheese is gained by approaching plates and drawing 5 random shapes that are prompted

👑Opponent Goals