2024 Feb 2-8

Fresh Start

I've made a few new projects since I last consistently worked on Krants, so I decided its time to update everything since I like polished things
I'm switching from Unity 2021 LTS to Unity 2023 LTS
I upgraded to Autohand 3.3.0 which fixed my biggest old problem in Krants, the hand rotation taking forever (still not sure what caused that, I seem to be the only person on the Autohand discord with this problem)

I have just made a new Unity project where Krants' development will continue in URP

Things I need to do

New 🖐️VR Player GUI

You can move the GUI around by grabbing it
It has no gravity but high drag
I really like the effect of layered 3D GUI so I styled the GUI in that way
Simple squares is always enough for GUI

Settings w/ saving

Made a basic settings page
You can change your rotation type, snap turn angle, and smooth rotation speed
All of this data is saved to a .XML file in C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\LocalLow\Lastered\Krants\settings.xml
Its stored in plaintext by design, that way if players want super specific settings, they're rewarded for their computer skills


Matchmaking wasn't working
It would take forever to connect, connect to Asia severs (when it should be US-West)
then not work at all

Fixed it by copying the Pun2 UUID from the old project to this one 🥳
No need to overcomplicate I guess 🤷