Progress Report 4


Added D-pad Movement Support

Previously you could only move with the stick
That fact would probably piss off most fighting game players so I made it so both the left stick and the d-pad are essentially the same thing

Made Some Level Assets

Instead of using coloured clay, at least for the dev-art I'm just using white clay then photo editing the colour on using a regular brush but using the multiply mode to keep the underlying texture and reduce work needing to clean up the transparent edges

I used Adobe Firefly free AI background remover which makes my life a whole lot easier
Here are a couple of the temp assets I made:

ClayBox1.png|100 ClayCrate1.png|100


To make the clay look more like clay in-game when being scaled, I utilize a technique called 9 slicing, which essentially slices the sprite into 9 blocks and scales the blocks individually from each other, allowing for the edges and the corners of the sprite to be less distorted than the centre

Without 9-Slicing: With 9-Slicing:
!200 !200
Looks stiff, not clay-like The clay looks to be actually deforming
instead of stretching. Very clay-like

Joystick Patterns Update

Added the ability to use the centre (4) inside of joystick action patterns
This is great because we are no longer limited to making actions run along the edge of the joystick, we can have flicks too
Only downside is now each action has a 0.1 second delay, as I'm measuring how long the joystick has been centered before sending the action number

Joystick Patterns Visualization + Rock Abilities

Made first rough version of visualizing joystick pattern last successful action
Problem I need to fix with this right now is adding the first/last point (being the centre point) to the actions which apply, such as boomerang return

Made Vibration Feedback for Joystick Points & Ability Actions

Whenever the player goes over one of the points (image for reference) the controller does a slight vibration (as demonstrated by the transparent controller in the video)
Pasted image 20231024074701.png|100

When a player does a successful ability, the controller vibrates harder, indicating their action has been executed with the tactile sensation